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Private office space for two additional mental health professionals, or other wellness or healing arts practitioners is currently available for sublease within the Thimble Shoals Counseling & Therapy Center complex. Call Dr. Nicholson at 757-873-3401 to discuss the amenities that accompany the private office and the flexible opportunities available for affiliation.

The affiliates at Thimble Shoals Counseling & Therapy Center are available to help you get through the difficult times in life. Some things we can do by ourselves. Other issues in life are easier to manage, when we have a helping hand. Reaching out to a trained professional to help you get back on track and chart your course for the future, is often the first step to getting better.  

If you are in a place in life, in which you don’t know where to turn – Dr. Nicholson and her team of affiliates are here to help. If you or someone in your family is struggling with emotions or behaviors that seem out of control – we are here to help. If your marriage or relationship is in trouble – we are here to help. If your children are out of control and your family seems to be falling apart – we are here to help. If you feel as though life is passing you by, and you want to be the person you know you can be, but don’t how – we are here to help.

Our affiliates specialize in multiple areas of need, and serve children, teens and adults of all ages (including geriatric patients). Our therapists also specialize in helping couples who are struggling with relationship issues. When needed, they also help adults and children develop the coping skills needed to handle separation, divorce, or blended family issues.

We invite you to check our links for information on the specific problems, with which we can help you; for information on how to contact us; and for directions to our lakeside office, which is next to the new City Center in the Oyster Point Area of Newport News.

Thimble Shoals Counseling & Therapy Center is a participating provider with most insurance companies and accepts payment by cash, check, debit and credit card.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for help in your areas of need.