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Susan Cummings

Susan Cummings Nicholson, Ph.D., L.C.S.W.
Board-Certified Diplomate


Dr. Cummings Nicholson has practiced as a psychotherapist in this area for over 20 years.  She received her doctorate from Virginia Commonwealth University, where she engaged in research on the impact of childhood abuse and neglect on an adult's behavior in a couple relationship.  While working as a therapist for the Navy, she developed and ran an alternative intervention program for domestic violence victims. She also served for over a decade as a volunteer clinical consultant and trainer in sexual abuse issues for the Newport News J&DR Court CASA program. She has been a speaker and workshop leader on various topics related to healthy relationships, domestic violence and sexual abuse awareness, and personal growth and empowerment.  She has taught in the undergraduate and masters programs in two Virginia universities.

Dr. Cummings Nicholson currently devotes herself exclusively to her private practice of psychotherapy, where she provides confidential counseling and therapy to couples, families, and to individuals from adolescence through senior citizen age. She uses a variety of clinical modalities, to include cognitive behavioral interventions, mindfulness meditation training and hypnotherapy, to tailor to each client the appropriate intervention for healing or personal empowerment.  She is experienced in helping clients deal with a broad spectrum of issues to include:

  • Marital and Relationship Problems 
  • Depression or Frequent Feelings of Sadness 
  • Anxiety & Panic Disorders, including Chronic Worrying or Compulsive Behavior 
  • Explosive Temper or Frequent Irritability 
  • Unresolved Family of Origin Issues 
  • Divorce or Separation 
  • Effects of Traumatic Experiences in Childhood or Adulthood, to include Dissociative Disorders 
  • Patterns of Self-Defeating Behaviors or Addictions 
  • Problems in the Workplace 
  • Inability to Handle Stress or to Relax  
  • Difficulty in Adapting to Life Changes, including Loss of a Loved One 
  • Difficulties in Family Dynamics 
  • Desire for Personal Growth